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Fogstone Games Presents...

LAR focuses on abstract naval action as a World War 2.


Download LAR.

LAR has plenty of naval strategy combat.


Looking for a new World War 2 Challenge?

Try Lost Admiral Returns for great naval game action!

Experience many naval battles in Lost Admiral Returns as an abstract naval game.  Combat is simplified enough to give you the flavor of the naval battles involved, while focusing on the larger strategic picture.

Lost Admiral features the archetypes of naval action, with submarines killing their favorite prey of large capitol ships, while destroyers do their best to protect the fleet and hunt down this submarine menace.  Battleships do the heavy work of blowing up all enemy resistance, while Carriers scout out the opposition, and complement all battle strikes.

In all battles, outmaneuvering then enemy is the key to victory. Enjoy the deep fun of Lost Admiral Returns as a great naval strategy game.

View a more thorough description of the game, or visit the walkthrough. Games can be played out in as little as 20 minutes for small battles.


There are also many special missions in Lost Admiral Returns which bring special attention to unusual battle challenges.  A few examples include helping rescue long lost crewmembers, reinforcing nearby oceanic war zones, and helping Intel Ops to do it's daring raids for secrets (both your own, and the enemies).  New special missions are always just around the corner waiting to be discovered in LAR, so join the fun and try LAR now!

A You will be in charge of your fleet, both it's initial makeup and its operations after combat is started.  choose your favorite balance of ships... will you specialize in Battleships like the British?  Will your submarines be the menace of the high seas?  Will you smash the enemy with superior air power?  Or slink around all of his battle lines with endless hordes of Destroyers and PT Boats?
A And always, the end fate of the battle will depend on how well you keep control of the cities involved in that battle.  No matter how good or bad your ships do in combat, keeping those cities owned by your side is the key to victory.  So do not get lost in the thirst for glorious action when your homelands need you to win the big picture...
A Find out more about Lost Admiral Returns as a great WWII naval game by reading the description of the game or downloading the trial version.
A For more naval history in WWII and other time eras, try this great World War 2 naval site.
Lost Admiral Returns
is a fun, quick playing Naval Strategy Game:  Defeat your enemies by outmaneuvering them for control of coastal cities using Battleships, Destroyers, Submarines and other types of ships.
The original Lost Admiral won "Strategy Game of the Year" from Computer Gaming World Magazine.
Try Lost Admiral Returns Risk Free for 30 days!
Back before all the mindless shooters and frenzied RTS's, there were games where you had to THINK.  Kudos to Thurston Searfoss for re-creating one of those - an amazingly fun thinking game!   AI is AWESOME! Finally a game that taxes your brain, not your wrist! -- Dallan Quass
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Battleships dominate the oceans

Build your own customized fleets.

Submarines can be deadly to Battleships


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