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Fogstone Games Presents...

Lost Admiral Returns


Want to be amongst the first to review Lost Admiral Returns?  Go to the Media Kits page for more information on reviewing LAR.


Cosmos Gaming - February 14, 2004:

LAR reviewed at length by Walter Hare on the Cosmos Gaming website.

"...Lost Admiral Returns is an extremely impressive strategy title, with very little going against the tide here. LAR is an updated version of a game released in 1991, named Lost Admiral... ...the core gameplay of LAR is incredible." - Walter Hare - Cosmos Gaming Website


Tea Leaves - December 20th, 2004:

Lost Admiral Returns is reviewed in great detail on the Tea Leaves website by Peterb as part of "Independent Games" week.  The review . part of the "Three finger Salute" Editorial on last page by Tom Chick

"The best game I've played in my recent spate of reviewing is, without question, The Lost Admiral Returns. You've heard the clichés applied to other games: easy to learn, hard to master. This time it's true." - Peterb - Tea Leaves Blog

"Gameplay is fast-paced, for a hex-based wargame, and addictive. I constantly find myself saying "Just one more battle before bed," which is a sure sign of incipient dependency." - Peterb - Tea Leaves Blog

As you finish battles, little medals begin to decorate your career screen. It makes a cub scout's heart glow warmly to see these little merit badges accumulate. If you needed any proof that war is really about boys and their toys, it's right here." - Peterb - Tea Leaves Blog

"In order to win a mission battle, you have to make your victory point quota and fulfill whatever the terms of the mission are. Completing the mission successfully usually isn't hard; getting enough victory points usually isn't hard. Doing both at the same time is surprisingly hard." - Peterb - Tea Leaves Blog

"So, there's a lot to love about The Lost Admiral Returns. The game concepts are simple to grasp, but provide a lot of tactical depth. The opponents are strong, and there's a sense of reward for progressing through the game." - Peterb - Tea Leaves Blog

Read the whole review in depth at the Tea Leaves Blog, including his comments on improving the game's interface, which have been incorporated along with other related player's suggestions in the December 31, 2004 version of LAR.

My thanks to Peterb!


Computer Games Magazine - November 2004:

Lost Admiral Returns is part of the "Three finger Salute" Editorial on last page by Tom Chick

"[LAR] is clear and simple, driven by broad significant choices and an intuitive interplay among the different ships. It goes down like ice cream ... The sweet easy rock/paper/scissors of it all clicks into place." - Tom Chick - Computer Games Magazine

"[LAR] even has a hook for the RPG whore/MMO slave I've become. After every game, you can upgrade your flagship. It gets special powers." - Tom Chick - Computer Games Magazine

"Thomas Wolfe once wrote, You can't go home again. ... Maybe I need the little persistent hooks like an upgradeable flagship. ... But I do hope that somewhere in heaven, Thomas Wolfe gets to play The Lost Admiral Returns" - Tom Chick - Computer Games Magazine



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