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Fogstone Games Presents...

Lost Admiral Returns

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March 17th, 2005:

Lost Admiral Returns opening screens are now more streamlined, with cleaner options for choosing your next step, controlling game tips, and other options.  More menu streamlining options coming soon!

Also featured in the latest version are a number of new Save the Admiral tricks, such as buying extra turns for special missions using State or Bribe points.  You can also choose the map location for special plays that you choose to use occur, such as reinforcements, spying, or saboteurs.  These two tricks give you whole new ways to ensure victory when faced with stiff odds.


February 19th, 2005:

New "Bismarck Hunts" special mission added to LAR with four major variations.  Casts you in the role of the famous surface naval raiders of WWII, or as the desperate pursuers looking to destroy said menace.  The major variations make for a new fresh challenge every time you play LAR.

Variety of other small fixes and improvements to LAR interface.  More to come!

Read the latest new review of Lost Admiral Returns at the Cosmos Gaming website.


December 31st, 2004:

Happy New Year everyone!  We here at Fogstone Games wish you and yours the best of new years.

Extensive new movement menu options added via a full screen map mode view and a popup menu giving access to all commands in the game when you right click on an empty part of the map.  Also features new streamlined options for controlling ships by letting you anchor (or un-anchor) ships by right clicking twice on them, "stopping" ships by left clicking twice on them, and warnings when you try to move a ship into a hex that is out of reach this turn.

Check out the new great in-depth review of Lost Admiral Returns at Tea Leaves.  My thanks to Peterb for this detailed examination of the game and his feedback on the game's interface that have been incorporated into this latest version of LAR.

Enjoy the latest improvements to LAR as we start 2005!


December 6th, 2004:

New options and controls added for Flagship creation.  Now you can select the specific abilities each Flagship has.  What combinations work best for you?  To do this, the Flagship modules you earn now reflect specific abilities rather than generic groupings of types.

New "Extra" Battles added in the STA Campaign.  These battles are aside from the specific State battles, and give you the chance to earn juicy bonus rewards.

Reward point tracking system modified to be tracked separately for "normal" battles vs all battles fought during a "Save the Admiral" Campaign.  This allows the STA Campaign to have it's own high and low tides of resources to use in tougher battles.  Also, there are limits to how many flagship modules, special plays, State or Bribe points you have on hand.  Any new rewards earned beyond these limits are automatically converted to Perk points.


November 12, 2004:

New "Recon" mission added to LAR.  Use stealth and ambush to unlock the puzzle of enemy activities in the area.

New map scrolling options added to movement, combat, and unit selection menus in LAR.  New selector box added during movement to make current ship easier to identify.  LAR added to even more download sites.


October 31, 2004:

New "Fishing Rights" mission added to LAR.  Puts you in charge of straightening out a rather large escalation of armed forces in this tense conflict.

LAR posted to about 20 new download sites over the last two weeks, including receiving a good four "cow" rating from

Lots of changes to the tutorials, menu layouts, player's manual, game tips, music, and other interface aspects to make the game as fun to play as possible.


October 19, 2004:

New mission added to Lost Admiral Returns called "Death by Duel".  Includes lots of tactical quandaries depending on the exact variation you are playing.

LAR is participating in the Independent Games Festival at and has be posted on to help start spreading the word about the new game.

Lots of changes to the tutorials, menu layouts, player's manual, game tips, music, and other interface aspects to make the game as fun to play as possible.


September 23rd, 2004:

Lost Admiral Returns has been included on it's first major exposure via a demo disk for a computer magazine coming out in late October.  My thanks to the magazine (more on that in a week or so) and all LAR fans for helping get LAR to this point!

Lots of adjustments to the LAR menu options and layouts for this first release.  A variety of new backdrop images, control button images, and background MIDI music were added, along with many small bugs or code loopholes being fixed.  The first game menu now has many new advanced control options all accessed via a popup list tied to a simple "info" button.

The process of posting (and viewing) Internet High Scores has been improved, and streamlined to make sure all aspects of different Internet connections and firewall setups are addressed.

New pricing offered to cater to all new and old fans of Lost Admiral Returns, the original Lost Admiral, Conquered Kingdoms, and Grandest Fleet.  You can now get the DELUXE version of Lost Admiral Returns with all core features, and all flagship, special missions, and the Save the Admiral Campaign for $29.95.  Or you can buy the BASIC version of Lost Admiral Returns for the low entry price of $19.95, and upgrade later for $13.25 more to get all the advanced flagships, special missions, and Save the Admiral Campaign.


August 31st, 2004:

Variety of improvements to the Save the Admiral Campaign, the integrated "Update LAR over the Internet" process, and all parts of the game.  Several long term bugs tracked down and removed.  More polish for first launch.

Major new interface elements include new "View Styles" to unit selection menu that let you customize how you buy your ships.  Now you can toggle between creating your new battle fleet all in your home city via the "Simple Classic View", or seeing that fleet given orders to attack nearby cities via the "Advanced View", or select from "Blended View" or "Modified Classic" views to fit your own purchasing style.


July 26th, 2004:

"Save the Admiral" Campaign activated for everyone to try out.  Includes lots of new challenges to overcome as you help the Admiral regain lost glory and return to winning the home country's long war...

Plenty of other adjustments to make the game interface more helpful, and to balance how Flagship materials are earned.

Polish and improvement of all parts of the game in preparation for the first general release of LAR starts now!


May 25th, 2004:

"Sea Trials" version of Lost Admiral Returns posted!  Customizable flagships added, along with lots of useful game tips for using parts of the game like flagships and for new players getting started in the game.  Visit the "Reasons To Buy" page for more info on what is new in LAR as it approaches full launch.

Lots of other small changes in preparation for full launch, including AI tweaks, adjustments to points earned for battles towards your customized flagships, and bonus points for posting scores online.

Early Bird Discount ends June 24th, 2004, so buy LAR before then to save $10 off the normal price!


March 19, 2004:

Three new sample "Save the Admiral" missions can now be played in LAR.  They create 8+ unique challenges to overcome mixed in with the traditional fight for Victory Points in Lost Admiral.  Use these special missions on the 9 classic maps, or any of many random maps.  Earn points towards your future customizable Flagships and Command ships (which are being implemented next!)


February 16th, 2004:

Transition version posted, leading to eventual unveiling of the big Surprise.  Includes various big fixes.  The latest new material is not activated for everyone to use, but can be activated by some players for pre-testing.


January 25th, 2004:

Random Maps activated in Preview Playtest Version of LAR!  Never tire of LAR battles with the infinite replayability and variety of making your own random maps and start setups to fight on.  Use 4 different settings (192 combinations!) to control how the map layout is made, and then use another 4 settings (512 combos) to create even more different starting setups for that map.  Ocean's worth of possibilities...

Implementation now started on special flagships, command ships, and a big SURPRISE coming later.


January 13th, 2004:

Preview Playtest Version of LAR now features four great tutorials to teach you how to play the game.  Also work your way upward in Officer ranks by earning your best victory possible on a variety of maps.  Includes all 9 of the classic maps from the original Lost Admiral.  Post your scores online to participate in various Internet High Score Charts.

Implementation now started on random maps, with special flagships and command ships to follow.

Click here to download the preview version!


December 20th, 2003:

First preview Playtest Version of LAR posted (!!!) for all visitors to try out as Outer Circle Testers.  Click here to download the preview version!

Features Tutorial #1 for learning how to play the new game and interface.  Use your Updater program frequently to get the latest new stuff and tutorials as they are added over the upcoming weeks and months.


November 29, 2003:

Big version posted for Inner Circle Testers with Computer Opponent AI and Internet High Scores System for testing.

Work now proceeding on Tutorials and misc clean up before posting of trial preview version of (unfinished) LAR.


November 12, 2003:

Help support the creation of Lost Admiral Returns by pre-ordering your copy today!  Click here to order.

Inner Circle testing of LAR continues.  Latest version includes AI opponent and new Internet High Score System.

Website updated with new sections, buttons, etc.  A few pages have yet to be updated for the new menu, so use the home page as a starting point to see all the new stuff.

Preview Version available in early December 2003 for (unfinished) Lost Admiral Returns!  This is the version that all visitors to this website will be able to download and try out...

Latest version has (to be released any day now) AI computer opponent with the classical difficulty levels of 1 through 11 to provide a challenge to players of all skill levels.  Also included in this new release is a new Internet High Score Menu, which lets you see your most recent game scores alongside other players over the Internet, and gives you a chance to reach the top of a variety of score charts depending on what map you like to play on, what maps other players are competing on, etc. etc.

Features being implemented now for the Preview Version (early December 2003) are tutorials for learning the game, changes to the movement screens, polishing of the unit selection screens, along with new graphics for the officer menu, ranking system, and officer awards system.

Click here to sign up to help test Lost Admiral Returns as an "Inner Circle" or "Outer Circle".

Please fill out our survey to give us feedback about the original Lost Admiral and the new Lost Admiral Returns.

Older News:

Inner Circle testing started around 8/01/2003 and has focused on Internet compatibility, stability of LAR program on various windows systems, and trial by fire of various LAR components such as the Internet Updater, etc.

Recently hired Dave Cousins and Jason Plata in October 2003 to help update and finish various graphics, LAR website updates, edit various maps, combat scripts, and other parts of the LAR game.  Many of the new graphical buttons and informational pictures on this (11-12-2003) website update are as a result of this new help.

LAR testing has demonstrated complex issues with the Multiplayer stuff, some of which most likely must be corrected by players on their own computers/routers for some DSL and Cable Modem setups.  I.E. Dial up connections, and some DSL/Cable Modem setups have no problems with the Multiplayer stuff, but your router setup can cause problems if not set up correctly.  Future updates to the Multiplayer part of LAR will add more ways to bypass router problems, along with other new material.  These router / NAP problems are common to many DirectPlay games when dealing with certain DSL / Cable Modem setups.


For more information, please contact Fogstone Games or Thurston Searfoss:

Fogstone Games
355 Libby Road
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Phone/Fax 207-688-4677

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