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Fogstone Games Presents...

Lost Admiral Returns

Try Now – Click here to try Lost Admiral Returns.  Lost Admiral Returns puts you in charge of battleships, destroyers, submarines, and carriers fighting for control of coastal cities.  Outwit your opponent for victory.  Choose to play against your loved ones, rivals, friends, or the very strong AI featured in Lost Admiral.  Upload your high scores to compete for best score of the day, week, or month… join tournaments, or just have fun with the many new twists and perks that can be found in Lost Admiral Returns.

Battleships are lots of fun in Lost Admiral Returns.  Unlike most Battleship Games, you can maneuver these massive killing machines to dominate the battle ocean.  You can also enjoy the flavor of famous wwii battleship combat with your choice of famous ships such as the Yamato battleship, Battleship New Jersey, Battleship Texas, Battleship Missouri, or any other battleship that comes to mind.

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a Submarine and Destroyer play that age old deadly ballet dance of torpedoes and depth charges


Help Save the Admiral in this deep thinking strategy naval game as you battle your opponent for control of the oceans with Battleships, Destroyers, Submarines, Carriers, and other ships.  The quick playing, turn based action constantly challenges you with knife-edge decisions and planning that feels almost chess-like at times.

Defending against overwhelming odds during movement.  Click to see more.In Lost Admiral Returns, you design your own fleet of Battleships, Destroyers, Submarines, Carriers and other ships to battle your enemy for control of the oceans by capturing and keeping vital coastal cities.  Over time, you also earn customized flagships with powerful abilities that give you an edge in crucial battles.  You will need this edge when undertaking intense missions to help Save the Admiral from his plight.  These missions complement the background battle for Victory Points from cities with a wide range of challenges and tasks that must be accomplished quickly for total victory.

The Officer Screen tracks all of your victories (and defeats) on the many battle maps in LAR.  Click here to see more.Out think and out maneuver your opponent to bring victory to your side! Games last for a certain number of turns. Each turn move your ships to capture cities and to fight the enemy. Earn victory points every turn for each city under your control.

The winner is determined by comparing victory point totals at the end of the game. Some maps have starting setups for each side that favor one player, requiring that player to score quite a few more victory points than the other player to win!

Battleships win the day in this battle, untill the enemy moves up reinforcements next turn... Click to see moreThe inspiration for this game is “Lost Admiral” which Thurston originally created with the now long dead publisher QQP back in 1991 and was so simple that it ran off 5 ¼ floppy disks, and was designed to be playable off of those disks for those people who did not have a hard-drive on their computer… talk about ancient history, grin!  The original Lost Admiral won "Strategy Game of the Year" from Computer Gaming World Magazine in 1992.

The new Lost Admiral Returns retains the spirit and deep, simple game play of the old Lost Admiral, with totally new layers of interwoven missions and challenges that build up the story of Saving the Lost Admiral.  None of the old code or graphics were modern enough to use in LAR, so the game is entirely new, and direct marketed over the Internet as “Try before you Buy” software with a 30 day trial period.

Read more about the new game in two chapters from the player's manual:

Introduction to the World of Lost Admiral Returns

One page summary of Lost Admiral Returns



Try Lost Admiral Returns Risk Free for 30 days!
Back before all the mindless shooters and frenzied RTS's, there were games where you had to THINK.  Kudos to Thurston Searfoss for re-creating one of those - an amazingly fun thinking game! -- Dallan Quass
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